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50% of tokens purchased by each individual investor were locked 4 months ago.
Now these tokens can be unlocked using same wallet they were purchased with.

To unlock manually transfer any ETH amount (0.0000001) to the following address:
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Unlocked Tokens

What is Typerium?

The ability to create, share, and connect, are fundamental to the human experience.
Type and image create a global language that we can all understand, regardless of
our background, culture, or the language we speak. Here is our vision:

Token Details

TYPE Tokens are an integral part of the Typerium platform, ecosystem,
and global payment method for TYPE Protocol. Our Typerium TYPE Tokens
will be distributed in the following way...

Pre-sale Details

May 30, 2018 (7pm BST) – June 25, 2018

Tokens to sell: 300,000,000 TYPE Tokens

1 TYPE Token = $0.01 (Round 1 only, see below)

Bonus program: Round 1 (5%), Round 2 (10%),
Round 3 (15%), Round 4 (20%), Round 5 (50%).
based on ascending order.

Round 1 Price: 1000 TYPE Tokens = (approx) 0.0133 ETH

Token Delivery Date: upto 30 days after token sale

Token Sale Details

Token Sale:
June 26, 2018 (7pm BST) – July 23, 2018

Tokens to sell: 700,000,000 TYPE Tokens

1 TYPE Token = $0.05 (No Bonus)

Soft Cap: 200,000,000 TYPE Tokens

Blockchain: Ethereum, ERC20

Token Ticker: TYPE

Token Sale Price: 1000 TYPE Tokens = (approx) 0.0788 ETH

Token Delivery Date: upto 30 days after token sale

Token Economy

Total Supply / Token Sale:
2,000,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 (TYPE Tokens)

Pre-Sale Breakdown:
ETH USD Equivalent prices (Per TYPE Token) during the Pre-Sale are as follows: Round 1: ($0.01), Round 2: ($0.02), Round 3: ($0.03), Round 4: ($0.04), Round 5: ($0.05). The entire 5 Rounds of the Pre-Sale will only remain open for the amount of time they take to sell out.

Investor Breakdown:

  • 50% of Investor Tokens will be locked for a period of 4 months
  • Company Platform Reserve (20%) will be locked up until Q2 2019
  • KYC in place for pledges of $1,000 or more (No KYC under $1,000)
  • China cannot participate in the Token sale.
  • Tokens not sold in the Token sale will be burned
  • Soft / Hard Cap USD = $2,000,000 / $40,000,000

Exchange Listings:
As soon as the Typerium TYPE Token sale has reached the Soft Cap, Typerium will then file applications to list TYPE Token on multiple exchanges. We understand this is an important priority for our investors.

The purchasing rate of TYPE Tokens is reflective of the market price of ETH/USD, therefore the prices listed in ETH (Ethereum) are subject to change.

Post Token Sale Update:
Thank you to everyone who participates in the Typerium token sale. Since the token sale ended we have been evaluating options in terms of how to build the content-creation platform. As we mentioned in our whitepaper, things may not always go to plan, but we remain fully behind the project and are committed to the ethos of Typerium. Therefore on the basis of not having reached our soft-cap, and in order to make sure we have the resources available to realise the project, we will be planning to sell some of the tokens allocated to Typerium to inject resources into the project development. This will allow us to continue to build the platform and ultimately realise the vision outlined in the whitepaper of a world where content creators can protect and monetise their creations in a cost effective and fair way. We are currently liaising with exchanges, and as a team we are excited to start building our vision. Thank you all for the continued support, and please join our community on Telegram.

Token Allocation

Here’s a breakdown of how the funds will be allocated across the business...

Why is Typerium needed?

Typerium is needed to protect the intellectual property of content creators, to facilitate a cost-effective and global creative currency, and to create a thriving decentralised marketplace for buying and selling digital content.

Trust and Transparency

Building trust in online commerce is hard. Creative content makers cannot reach their audiences easily and the big marketplaces don’t make information available to makers and buyers. Typerium brings them transparency and makes it more efficient and rewarding for makers and buyers to connect.

The creative content application
market is underdeveloped

Apps that connect creative content and users are one of the fastest-growing markets. Yet, no easy way exists to link creators with users. Type Protocol is the app that finally brings them together. With the app, creators can make high-end content that can be used on any platform, linking makers to users and everyone to rewards.

Traditional contracts and licensing
are slow and expensive

Typerium embraces Ethereum’s smart contract technology to automate all of the complex processes that normally take lawyers, high fees and large amounts of time to get done. Licensing and usage rights are built into Typerium’s process. The app also makes it easier to track intellectual property and piracy.

Normal payment processing is complex,
expensive and slow

Typerium leverages blockchain technology, which can make payment times much faster than traditional services like PayPal and credit cards. Big marketplaces create additional costs, but the Typerium environment removes big-marketplace overheads from transactions.

Inability to capitalise on the
growing blockchain economy

Typerium provides a pathway for creative content makers and users of creative content to capitalise on the blockchain economy. It is a marriage of creativity and commerce that rewards makers, users and all participants in the Typerium environment.

The 4 main areas that our platform covers

Each with its own unique offering...

Creative Software

Decentralised Platform for Content Creators

Our integrated and intuitive design software allows creators to produce high-quality visual content for any platform without needing any previous design experience.


Faster payouts, higher commission, more transparency.

We’re developing a decentralised marketplace that not only protects the intellectual property rights of content creators, but provides them with an 85% commission on all sales.

Social Media Network

Connecting with each other in a way that is universal

We’re creating a community-driven social network that rewards users, so you don’t have to rely on just your sales. You’ll also be rewarded for your contributions.

Integrated Ecosystem

Blockchain technology and smart contracts facilitate transactions

We’re creating a global network of creators using a single currency, TYPE Tokens. All content within the Typerium eco-system is bought and sold with TYPE Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for fiat currency through exchanges at any time.

Typerium Decentralised Application Features

The Typerium platform will run on one decentralised application.
Here are some of the key features:

Type + Image = Language

Type + Image = Language

Our decentralised design software will help content creators generate content for over 2.4 billion global content consumers.

Interactive Design Software

Interactive Design Software

Create high quality visual content without the need for any previous design experience. Create, share, publish, and sell visual content.

Multiple Outputs

Multiple Outputs

Every size for every platform. We’re empowering you to show the world what you’re made of. Publish content to any platform with a single click.

Browse Marketplace

Browse the Marketplace

Browse the Typerium marketplace to find the content you are looking for. There are countless options and there is no centralised control.

Buy & Sell Content

Buy & Sell Content

Sell your original content or buy content from others. Both are extremely easy to do on the Typerium platform. Create, earn and inspire.

Protecting Your Content

Protect Your Content

We’re using blockchain technology to protect your intellectual property. Typerium keeps your content safe from intellectual property thieves.

Share Instantly

Share Instantly

With Typerium, you can instantly share, publish and download your content. It’s literally as simple as pushing a button.

Interact With Others

Interact with Others

Message, like, follow and talk to people from all over the world. We’re building a community that inspires and uplifts both creators and consumers.

Motivate & Inspire

Motivate & Inspire

We’re giving you the tools to work alongside the community and create content that will inspire, motivate and add value to people’s lives.

Send & Receive Tokens

Send & Receive Tokens

Send and receive TYPE Tokens. Our mobile, desktop, and app wallets will allow you to send your tokens to an exchange and trade them for cash.

High Security

High Security

Security is a top priority at Typerium. Our wallets and our decentralised application will be developed with the highest level of security.

Your Own Wallet

Your Own Wallet

We’ll make sure that you’re the only one who has access to your wallet with your private key, which allows you to make secure transactions with your TYPE Tokens.

The Eco-System

All content on the Typerium eco-system is bought and sold with TYPE Tokens.
These tokens use blockchain and smart contract technology to help facilitate transactions
on the Typerium platform. They can be converted to a fiat currency at any time by sending them to an exchange.

Typerium diagram

Core Team Members

The Typerium team is made up of many talented and highly skilled individuals.
We are constantly looking to expand our team, so please get it touch if you are interested in joining.
Here is a look at some of our core team members, advisors, and independent consultants.

The world's leading brands have relied on our skills

As individuals we have established creative relationships in our existing businesses and careers, which have allowed us to design license and develop for some of the world's leading brands.


We Keep track of our progress from concept to completion.
Join our growing Telegram community to interact with us directly.

#1 Brand identity

Create a core visual identity for Typerium that can work across multiple platforms, becoming fluid, adaptive, and engaging.


#2 Website Design

Design the website in a format that is attractive and clear for potential investors and future content creators.


#3 Website Development

Translate the design into a fully responsive website to work on any device, with an in-built content management system.


#4 ICO Launch

Launch the ICO platform in two phases. Phase 1 will focus on awareness, marketing, and PR. Phase 2 will be the token sale.


#5 Online Digital Marketing

Utilise the teams digital agency experience to create various marketing campaigns that stand out from the competition.


#6 Social Media Branding

Carry the Typerium visual identity across various social media networks, remaining consistent and identifiable.


#7 Develop Community

Build, develop, and engage with users to strengthen and build a substantial community surrounding Typerium.


#8 Token & Smart Contract

Develop the TYPE tokens and secure rigorously tested smart contracts for the initial ICO period of investment.


#9 Exchange Listings

Work consistently to identify and create opportunities to list Typerium on trusted and popular trading exchanges.


#10 Team Expansion

Continuously source and locate valuable talent for various positions, in order to grow and strengthen the Typerium team.


#11 Eco-System Dev

Plan, and develop the core TYPE token eco-system using smart contract development on the blockchain


#12 Application IA

Work and develop the information architecture for the ecosystem of the Typerium application.


#13 Application Design

Design and create the user interface for the application, along with identifying and integrating key features.


#14 Application UE

Refine and analyse the user experience of the application, creating various user testing phases for refinement.


#15 Alpha User Testing

Public Alpha release of the Typerium Application for user testing, and feedback for the final stages of development.


#16 Improving & Refining

User testing feedback from our first Alpha release will be reviewed, with necessary refinements developed.


#17 Beta User Testing

A finalised version of the application will be released for the final stage of testing before our official launch.


#18 iOS Beta Release

The Typerium decentralized application will be officially released and free to download on the iOS platform.


#19 Android Beta Release

The Typerium decentralized application will be officially released and free to download on the Android platform.


#20 Cross Platform Dev

Typerium will continue to be developed for a variety of platforms including Desktop, scoping for the largest reach.


Leveraging our audience

Here is a detailed look at what we bring to Typerium through other existing businesses.
Using networks we have already built, our initial reach contains more than 15 million visitors.

14 Million Unique Visitors

14 Million Unique Visitors

Visitors from our existing business HypeForType, will be used to generation traction for the initial beta app launch through re-targetting.

176,000 Email Subscribers

176,000 Email Subscribers

Email subscribers from our existing business HypeForType, will be used to target initial downloads once our beta application is launched.

126,000 Facebook Fans

126,000 Facebook Fans

We’ve already got a database of 126,000 Facebook Fans to target through our current existing business. We will be cross network promoting.

57,000 Twitter Followers

57,000 Twitter Followers

We have built large followings for our existing businesses, and we will be looking to repeat this process, and also capitalise of this for Typerium.

35,000 Digital Assets

35,000 Digital Assets

We have 35,000 digital assets fully licensed and in place ready for the development stages of our decentralized application.

357 Worldwide Suppliers

357 Worldwide Suppliers

Substantial existing relationships with digital content suppliers will allow us to constantly redefine the execution of our creative software.

Connect With Us

It’s time to empower content creators, join the revolution...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answers to your questions below, contact us live on Telegram and we’ll be happy to help.

How long does the pre-sale last?

The pre-sale will go from May 21, 2018 to June 25, 2018.

What is the hardcap following token generation?

The hardcap will be $40,000,000.

How many TYPE Tokens will I receive?

It depends on how much you want to invest. 1,000 TYPE Tokens will be available for (approx) 0.0133 ETH. The minimum purchase amount is $10 worth of ETH.

Which currency will the token event be based in?

The Type Token will be an ERC20 Ethereum-based token. Please make sure you use MyEtherWallet (not an exchange). Prices can change as we have added that price will be relative to ETH/USD price

Do I need to verify or whitelist my account in order to participate?

Yes, we are using a KYC verification for amounts of $1,000 and above. People from the China cannot participate in the sale.

Which currency will the token generation be based in?

The TYPE Token generation will be based on ERC20.

Which exchanges will TYPE Tokens be listed on?

Once the token sale reaches its soft cap, Typerium will begin applying to have TYPE Tokens listed on multiple exchanges. You can join the Bounty Rewards Program and vote for Typerium to be listed on NEXT.exchange to help out.

How is the token distribution calculated?

For a detailed breakdown of the token distribution, please see section 8.0 of the Typerium whitepaper.

What are the official community social media channels?

You can contact or follow Typerium on all of the common platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Bitcoin Forum.

How are the funds divided between the company, advisors, investors, pre-sale and other entities?

Please see the table under section 8.0 of the whitepaper for details on how TYPE Tokens will be divided.

How can I obtain TYPE Tokens?

You can obtain TYPE Tokens by sending Ether to a designated address during the presale or crowdsale. The address will be provided at a later date. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the details.

What will the soft cap and hard cap be?

The soft cap will be US$2,000,000, fixed at 3,750 ETH ($533.33). The hard cap will be US$40,000,000.

Does the Pre-Sale contain a minimum or maximum limit?

There is no minimum, but if it doesn’t reach $2,000,000, Typerium reserves the legal right to decide whether to return the funds or proceed with the project. The maximum number of TYPE Tokens for sale in the pre-sale is 300,000,000.

When will I receive my tokens after the Pre-Sale?

Within 30 business days.

What happens if I send ETH to the wrong address?

You will lose your ETH. Make sure you double check and send it to the right address

What is the total amount of TYPE Tokens distributed through the Pre-Sale?

300,000,000 TYPE Tokens will be distributed throughout the pre-sale and 700,000,000 in the ICO.

What happens to TYPE tokens that are not distributed once the sale is over?

They will be burned by the smart contract.